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Mr. Sheldon Martin


Sheldon Martin Sheldon's background includes 26 ½ years in the private security industry as well 9 ½ years with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Saskatchewan, Vancouver Island and Kelowna BC.

Sheldon serves with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police as an Aux Reserve Police Constable and attended Depot Division in Regina, Saskatchewan for additional training. During his service with the RCMP he had undergone extensive training and studies including Legal studies, Arrest and control Handcuffing, General duty patrol, attending calls, check stops, scene security, street crew, surveillance and contributed a lot of time with crime stoppers and volunteering within his community.

Sheldon has also successfully completed the Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CEPTED) course, Tac Med, EMRT Training, Police Defensive Tactics, Body language, Verbal de-escalation, Physical security, Criminal profiling and Media Relations.

He has completed several courses, educations and certifications pertaining to the private security industry and is currently a licensed security consultant, private investigator US, and security professional, loss prevention officer, CPR & Defibrillator Training.

Certified Martial Arts Instructor and Practitioner, Certified Coach.
Armoured Car Course, Critical Incident stress and Degree Police sciences.

Academy of Personal Protection Services Executive protections, certified bodyguard, Close Protection Formations, VIP Protections Services.

Basic Security Instructor approved by the Justice Institute of British Columbia.
Advanced Security Instructor approved by the Justice Institute of British Columbia.