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Mr. Devin Vessey


Devin VesseyDevin Vessey is a veteran health first responder with more than ten years of experience in his field. With eight years of relative insight as a professional training officer, he has, and presently continues to instruct and assist with numerous certified courses; Management of Aggressive Behavior (MOAB Instructor), Basic Security Training Instructor as approved by the Justice Institute of BC,  Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design(CPTED), Basic & Advanced Security Training, Violence Prevention Curriculum (VPC) in Health Care, Bomb Threat Management, Tactical Handcuffing, and Fire Education ”Code Red”, Karate and Judo. Many of these courses taught island wide at a corporate level.

Devin's skill set includes over four years with the Victoria City Police Reserves as a retired Reserve Sergeant and voluntary Japanese translator and presently three years as an active member with the View Royal/ Colwood Emergency Social Services. Devin continues to study Emergency Management and gives discussions to community organizations where he shares personal experiences on earthquakes while residing in Sendai, Japan to promote disaster preparedness.

In addition, Devin has been refining his martial arts skills since the age of twelve on Vancouver Island with an extensive background in Karate which lead him to study in Japan, and reside, for over fourteen years. While in Japan, his interest in self-defense inspired him to begin training Judo and now trains in Victoria.